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Callus Implant Solutions GmbH

designs and manufactures state of the art, technologically advanced and high sophisticated dental implant solutions. We are giving our best to provide and supply dentists and dental technicians with innovative solutions and advanced knowledge. CALLUS® philosophy is to offer the best valuefor-money products. Proud to have and be part of a long production history of more than 125 years of product excellence and superiority. Our implants and prosthetic parts are produced in Germany from well known manufacturers -  Gebr. Brassler, GI Implants, Terrats GmbH and others. German Quality maintains high demands on quality and service.

CALLUS® embrace the technological changes, including the digitalization of the dental world and works closely with our Scientific Advisory Board, worldwide leading dental professionals, surgeons and technicians, side by side with dental Universities to provide our customers up-to-date knowledge and products. CALLUS® is providing excellent customer service, constant education and the availability to perform and provide excellent implantology solutions. CALLUS® products are CE marked and comply with the highest regulatory requirements.


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