Callus Pro Implant


The prosthetic interface of our Callus PROTM implant is formed by a deep 2x12° conical cone and hexagonal indexing. The deeper conicity provides a superior anti- microbial seal and top stability by narrow  platforms, to get a significant platform shift, for high demand estethic cases. Thanks to it’s compatibility with a major implant providers connection, our interface is integrated in nearly every cad cam systems

worldwide. The 2x12° cone is the perfect balance between antibacterial seal, stability,platform shift, without difficulties by taking abutment in and out. There is no need for push-out screws or instruments. Two different platform diameters makes it possible to produce narrow implants for difficult anatomical situations, by keeping the platform shift noticeable.


Product List

Callus Pro implants

Medical Grade 4 / Pure Titanium

Universal perio-friendly implant with digital ready conical connection. Mount free packaging
with cover screw included. Four diameters, with two prosthetic platforms.

Implant sizes are nominal. For the exact dimensions, please check our manuals to avoid
damage of anatomical structures. About surgical- and prosthetic compatibility, ask your
local dealer or sales representative