Implant Surface

Scientific research has proven that achieving a proper implant surface is the key to reaching optimal Osseointegration. It has been well documented that surface characteristics of implanted materials highly influence the healing and growth of tissues adjacent to the implant surface. CALLUS® implants are made of Titanium grade 4*, a strong, durable and highly biocompatible material. Callus implant surface is of a hybrid type and is achived through a complex process with particles sandblasting and thermal etching SBTE Active (*SLA™) for the creation of micro pores (sized 2-7 microns). This unique process creates a high surface area differentiation, increases the three-dimensional (3D) surface area and thus, enables a more intense absorption of blood and plasma directly into the implants micropores immediately after the implant is placed.

The micro-structure and roughness properties of the implant surface created by the sandblasting and double acid etching process is biocompatible and osseoconductive with immense influence on the initial contact with the host bone. State of the Art surface treatment ensures best possible results.

CALLUS® surface advantages:

• Accelerated Osseointegration process
• Increased secondary stability
• Shortened healing period
• Higher predictability

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Raw processed surface

Material Callus® IMPLANTS
(Grade 4)