Callus® Implant Solutions

2x12° lead in bevel provides perfect stability, antimicrobial seal and a significant platform shift, for superior esthetics. Two different platform diameters for higher variability and narrow implants.

Smooth top around the interface to support the attachment of the biological width

Mini threads to increase primary stability and load

Double thread helix to speed up insertion, by lower stress to the bone

Increasing thread depth
to gain primary stability by immediate implant placement and reduce drilling width in the apical area

Round apex to protect anatomical structures and to work better as a bone condenser

Whole vertical surface is rough to increase load distribution and primary stability, required for early loading

Slightly tapered body placed in undersized parallel osteotomy works as a bone condenser, to gain superb stability also in the soft bone

Universal useable implant geometry in combination with bone density specific drilling protocol

The prosthetic interface of our Callus® PRO implant is formed by a deep 2×12° conical cone and hexagonal indexing. The deeper conicity provides a superior antimicrobial seal and top stability by narrow platforms, to get a significant platform shift, for high demand esthetic cases. Thanks to it’s compatibility with a major implant providers connection, our interface is integrated in nearly every CAD/CAM systems worldwide. The 2×12° cone is the perfect balance between antibacterial seal, stability, platform switch, without difficulties by taking abutment in and out. There is no need for push-out screws or instruments. Two different platform diameters make it possible to produce narrow implants for difficult anatomical situations, by keeping the platform switch noticeable.