Callus® Implant Solutions

Surgical tray

Surgical instruments

Surgical instruments are produced in Germany with the highest standards of quality.

Marker & Pilot drills

Pilot drills

Used for pilot drilling, or pilot guide surgery. The length markings demonstrate the exact nominal distance from the tip of the drill. DLC surface to improve cutting performance, and for a better view of working depth.

Core drills

Smooth running: step drill, 3 cutting blades. Long lasting and clear length visibility (DLC surface). Guide ready: step by step leading tip. The length markings demonstrate the working depth required for the exact implant. To control the real working length, read the surgical manual or use the mm scale ont he surgical tray!

Cortical drills

Cortical drills are designed, to provide compression free cervical closure.

Implant body drivers

Implant body drivers. PEEK ring for stable implant mounting. Protects the implant connection by increased contact surface.


The optional products are not included in the surgical tray, can be purchased separately.

Ratchet with continuous torque measurement 10-30-50-70 Ncm

The most popular „bending arm” design. Fits conventional 7mm adapters.

Surgical tray

To store and sterilise surgical instruments. Logical layout for easy surgery. Storage for extra accesories, or hidratation /mixing of grafing materials.

Prosthetic Tray

Prosthetic instruments

Prosthetic drivers

The optional products are not included in the prosthetic tray, can be purchased separately.

Prosthetic tools

Can be purchased separately.

Prosthetic tray

To store and strilise prosthetic instruments. Logical layout for prothetic procedure.
Different length of instruments available.