Callus® Implant Solutions


December 1-2. 2023., Budapest, Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar

Deepening experiences and professional development

I. Callus Scientific Conference and the traditional XV. Denti Symposium and Friend’s Meeting

The most exciting event of the year for us, the Callus International Scientific Congress, has ended, and the hands-on courses on Friday (12.01.2023) deservedly became the unmissable moments of the symposium. Three exceptional courses offered the participants the opportunity for practical professional development and deepening of their experiences.

In the light of these experiences and knowledge, we trust that the participants will return home from the symposium enriched with new knowledge and practical skills.


Dr. Ferenc Oberna med.habil

Surgical suture techniques

During the course, the participants learned the suturing techniques used in dento-alveolar and periodontal surgery on sponges and pig jaw bones. Under the leadership of Dr. Ferenc Oberna, we practiced precise and tension-free joining of the tissues with the help of the best tools.

Dr. Gábor Zöld and Dr. Attila Mühl

Rehabilitation based on resective principles in implantology

The course highlighted the resective restoration of large tooth gaps with total implantation. In our practical sessions, the participants could practice the insertion of implants on a model and learn about the requirements for making sustainable bridge prostheses.

Prof. Dr. Ates Parlar

Peri-implantitis and treatment strategies

At the workshop focused on the treatment of peri-implantitis, our participants were able to learn diagnostic and treatment strategies, with special emphasis on regenerative approaches. During the practical session, participants could practice surgical and regenerative techniques for the treatment of peri-implantitis defects on pig jaw bones.