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December 1-2. 2023., Budapest, Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar

Evaluation of e-posters and awarding of prizes

I. Callus Scientific Conference and the traditional XV. Denti Symposium and Friend’s Meeting

The special feature of this year’s jubilee symposium was the e-poster competition, for which 10 works of extremely high quality were submitted. These outstanding works were exhibited in the large lecture hall, allowing the participants to get a closer look and a deeper understanding of the current research and results.

This session was an innovative step that provided participants with an opportunity to present their research and results in a digital format. The received posters represented an extremely high standard, which indicates the commitment and expertise of the participants in the field of dental implantology.
In the section, an outstanding poster won the first place, whose creators. Dr. Nóra Miseta, Dr. Bálint Németh and Dr. Iván Mandel received a grand prize of HUF 250,000. This award is not only financial recognition, but also recognition of the professional community for excellent scientific work. The success of the e-poster session shows that digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in scientific communication and gives participants the opportunity to share their research in new and innovative ways.

Results based on our evaluation

I. place
Dr. Dóra Miseta, Dr. Bálint Németh, Dr. Iván Mandel
2 + 1 vote (with presidential decision)

Special fee:
Dr. Otiszd Otilia, Júlia Balogh
With 5 votes

Detailed Reviews

Prof. Dr. István Vajdovich summarizes the detailed evaluation of the evaluation committee below:

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends!
First of all, I want to express my pleasure. since we received 10 high-quality, professionally solved and presented posters. The icing on the cake is that almost all of the submitting colleagues are representatives of the Z, i.e. the young generation, enthusiastic and experienced experts in oral implantation, and bearers of the future development of oral implantology. I have to admit that the evaluation of the posters based on professional aspects was a difficult task not only for me, but for all of us. This is only possible if all of them performed exemplary, high-quality dental implantology work. Thank You.
I would also like to say that each work shows a very high quality, carefully thought-out design and a masterful execution, well-thought-out and precisely executed using modern digital methods. Therefore, on behalf of the judging colleagues, I congratulate all of you who participated in this implantology work individually or together, and I express our sincere professional appreciation.

Congratulations and thank you for your work!

Implant rehabilitation of the premolar-molar region of the maxilla in case of sinus pneumatization - Case report

Dr. Bálint Kerkovits, Dr. András Molnár

Department of Community Dentistry - Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry

Correct implantation-prosthetic care after precise, accurate planning and preparation. After the preliminary extractions, the sinus was elevated 3 months later, followed by the implantation of 2 Callus Pro implants after another 6 months.
Opinion: very beautiful, exemplary execution after precise planning, solution according to the classic Brånemark method. It is unfortunate that the complete prosthetic rehabilitation thus takes an entire year. My suggestion is that, after appropriate practice, it may be possible to shorten the entire prosthetic rehabilitation period through the methods of immediate implants. Congratulations, thank you for the good work.

Upper brace overdenture for implants placed using a semi-guide implant drilling template - Case report

Dr. Csilla Szerencse

3 months after the teeth were removed from the upper false bone, he carried out the exact, precise implantation of the Callus Pro implants using a semi-guide drilling template. It well represents how navigated surgery can help with minimally invasive solutions, which is particularly important in maintaining the quality of life of elderly patients. It perfectly demonstrates the integration of Callus into navigated surgical systems (CoDiagnostix, RealGuide). The prepared upper bridge prosthesis is considered a fair and ideal solution. Congratulation.

Epidemiological study of implant rehabilitation with Callus Pro implants at the Department of Community Dentistry - Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Otília Osuszd, Júlia Balogh

Department of Community Dentistry - Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry

The authors performed a success test of oral implants performed using the Callus Pro Implantation System implanted in the last 2 years at the Institute of Dentistry and Oral Surgery of Semmelweis University.
I completely agree with the wording of one of our review members regarding the work. He said: A nicely presented epidemiological study covering two years of work. The role of university clinics is irreplaceable in being able to draw larger, comprehensive conclusions about an implant system from a large number of long-term cases treated according to a uniform protocol.
The testing methods used were suitable for the scientific evaluation of success. The results proved the broad clinical applicability of the investigated Callus Pro Implantation System. The total number of implants is 192 Callus impl. was, the number of lost impls is 6 pcs (all early loss). In the examined period, the success rate of implantations reached Σ=96.88%.
It’s a shame that there is no separate evaluation of the lost evenings.
Scientifically, it is one of the most important works, the basis of a later journal publication. Congratulations, nice and important work.

Replacement of missing teeth at the left lower and upper end of the row with metal-ceramic bridges prepared for implants placed with static navigation after virtual planning. Case report

Dr. Luca Nagy-Csoma, Dr. Dorottya Kovács

With the use of modern digital technology, after precise planning, navigation-guided, precisely performed implants were carried out. A nicely presented case that demonstrates well that navigated surgery is not only recommended in cases of compromised bone supply. Plus points for the digital prosthetic solution.
A very nicely illustrated presentation, congratulations.

Immediat Dental Implants

Dr. Mohagmeghpour Peyman

After a careful pre-operative examination, after the extraction of teeth 31,32 and 41,42, 2 3.3 mm Ø Callus Pro implants were implanted in place of teeth 32 and 42 using the immediate implantation method. During the preliminary digital planning, the temporary denture was planned and made in advance, which was glued into the mouth at the end of the operation. Nice execution in a challenging case. It is important to draw attention to the fact that terminal periodontitis is not an absolute contraindication to implantation, and that such a complex case cannot be treated only with radical extraction. Well done, careful work. Congratulation.
I would like to note that in the case of D-1 bone quality, instead of an immediate replacement, a permanent replacement can also be made after a few days.

Sphere retention overdenture anchored on two lower implants, supported by mucosa. Case report

Dr. Kincső Gábor

A nicely documented and nicely presented case. It is important to draw attention to how significantly the patients’ quality of life can be improved with simple and cost-effective solutions. The pursuit of simplicity and the well-executed and well-executed traditional treatment in the digital age are exemplary, and can ensure the quality prosthetic rehabilitation of our patients in the long term.
Careful preparation, precise surgical technique, closed healing, correct prosthetic work are the basis for the care of our patients according to their needs.

Preservation of gingival architecture with a custom-designed and BD-printed immediate temporary restoration

Dr. Dóra Miseta, Bálint Németh, Dr. Iván Mendel

To my knowledge, this surgical method is not yet known in Hungary, or was not yet employed or posted. Therefore, I congratulate the person who found this method and immediately thought that he or she would like to try it. I think this idea was also great, but at least this is the implementation of the announced one. Until now, it has not yet been possible to achieve an acceptable aesthetic result in such cases, or only at the cost of sacrifices, only with surgical methods. With this method, it is possible to restore a perfect condition, corresponding to the original aesthetic and periodontological condition, without surgical intervention, using a modern, digital-based solution. Alveolar preservation is one of the hottest topics at the intersection of periodontology and implantology. In the presented case, thanks to the preservation of the alveolus, the implant can be safely implanted in the place of the removed tooth, an adequate Biological Width (BW) can develop between the edge of the intact alveolus and the epithelial adhesion, which enables safe epithelial adhesion and aesthetics around the neck of the implant.
It seems to be the Egg of Columbus these days!

Upper overdenture anchored on implants placed with the help of static navigation and supported by implant mucosa. Case report

Dr. Dorottya Pénzes

4 Callus Pro implants were implanted in the upper edentulous jaw bone using a fully navigated surgical template (full-guide technique). An accurately presented case. Minimally invasive, digitally designed surgery with excellent results. It is a nice and clean solution, but in addition to the many advantages of the method, it is also necessary to know its possible disadvantages.

Overdenture anchored on four implants and supported by implant mucosa using a digitally designed implant template. Case presentation

Dr. Márk Répási

Planning the implantation is correct and careful work. After pre-drilling according to the semi-guide protocol rule, the implants were inserted freehand. Implants in place of teeth 4 l.a. they are also supported on the nose pad – precise, careful work.
Question: if worn, what kind of temporary prosthesis did the patient wear during bone healing?

Use of a unique 3D printed temporary crown as a pilot guide

Dr. Vince Porcsa, Dr. Iván Mandel

An accurately presented case. Minimally invasive, digitally designed surgery with excellent results. The authors applied it in place of the lower left IV milk tooth to be removed, modified with an immediate method. It is an excellent idea to prepare the surgical template already in the form of a provisional, thereby saving chair time and energy. It can be incorporated into a daily routine), practical. It can be especially useful for more extensive implant restorations. The authors prepared the temporary crown with the appropriate emergency profile even before the operation. As an immediate solution after the extraction, the temporary crown was attached to the Callus Pro implant implanted in place of the baby tooth with the help of the Titanium Temporary Abutment included in the system. The method has several advantages, there is no degradation on the bone edges or the surrounding gingiva. A novel, smart solution. Congratulation.
The method presents a novel solution with better results than previous methods.